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Frozen Embryos and Divorce Who Gets Custody

Frozen Embryos and Divorce: Who Gets Custody?

On the day Daria and David agreed to store frozen embryos for future use, divorce was far from their minds. They were in perfect agreement, deeply in love, and looking forward to future parenthood. However, things didn’t work out exactly as they had planned. Daria and David put off becoming parents for several years, but unfortunately, their relationship faltered in the interim. After David filed for divorce, he realized they had to make some difficult decisions about what to do with their frozen embryos. Continue reading

COVID-19 Divorce

COVID-19 Divorce: Will This Be the Newest Social Trend?

Many working couples spend a large part of their day away from home and each other, yet their marriage works just fine. During the coronavirus pandemic, however, spouses were forced to see each other 24/7. In some cases, people had little interaction with the outside world. When faced with isolation and fear, some couples grow stronger while others watch as cracks in their relationship seem to grow each day. As we recover from the recent public health emergency, will COVID-19 divorce become more common?

What We Are Currently Seeing

Couples with strong marriages and good coping techniques may weather the storm. However, relationships already strained by common issues may reach the breaking point after three months of being cooped up with spouses, children, pets, and perhaps extended family members. Unfortunately, domestic violence and child abuse also rose during  coronavirus quarantines as government restrictions forced people to stay home.

People who were planning to divorce before the coronavirus hit may have delayed filing because court systems and law offices were closed or only working part-time. In fact, meeting with a judge or an attorney became almost impossible as pandemic protocols banned face-to-face meetings.

As the emergency seems to be ending, courts and law offices are receiving more calls about filing for divorce.

The Future of COVID-19 Divorce

There are many reasons people might want to divorce right now. Some spouses may see – for the first time – what it would be like to retire with their current spouse. Some do not like what they see and choose to divorce. Others decide it is time to embrace life and keep only positive things in their lives.

Many attorneys and law firms predict a dramatic rise in divorce filings as soon courts begin to reopen. Although “COVID-19” will not be listed as the reason for the divorce, it will certainly play a contributing role.

Are You Heading for a COVID-19 Divorce?

Divorce is rarely an easy process, at least from an emotional standpoint. Maybe you were headed for divorce before the pandemic, or maybe COVID-19 was just the final straw in a long line of straws. Either way, talk to an experienced California divorce lawyer before proceeding.

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I Just Moved to California. Can I File for Divorce

I Just Moved to California. Can I File for Divorce?

For some couples, a change of scenery might help their marriage. Unfortunately, the move to California didn’t help Anya and Gregory. After only two months, Gregory moved out of their new home. As he had done through most of their marriage, Gregory left the details and heavy lifting of their divorce for Anya to work out. However, Anya learned there might be a problem the day she called the clerk’s office to ask about filing procedures. California law sets out a residency requirement for people who want to file for divorce. Continue reading

How to Value a Professional Practice

How to Value a Professional Practice

Over the years, Jack and Alicia both contributed to the success of Jack’s CPA firm. When they decided to divorce, the CPA practice became a point of contention in an already contentious situation. Just how much of the firm was Alicia entitled to receive in the divorce settlement? To figure this out, Jack, Alicia, and their attorneys needed to know how to value a professional practice.
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What You Need to Know About Financial Disclosures and Divorce

What You Need to Know About Financial Disclosures and Divorce

Most divorces consist of several moving parts. Couples may have to deal with property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support. It’s the ‘money’ part of divorce that trips some people up. How much money does one spouse have to give the other for child support? Will one spouse have to pay spousal support to the other and, if so, how much? There’s one document produced during the divorce process that helps couples and their divorce lawyers work out those details: financial disclosures.
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Dividing Debts During Divorce Not as Easy as You Might Think

Dividing Debts During Divorce: Not as Easy as You Might Think

It’s easy to say that California is a community property state. However, the actual process of assigning property and debt is complicated, especially since people are more likely to think about dividing assets than dividing debts during a divorce. As an unhappy couple and their divorce lawyers sift through paperwork, they have to get the big picture of what the couple owes and who will pay.
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How to Know When Your Marriage Is Over

How to Know When Your Marriage Is Over

Most of us don’t walk down the aisle at our weddings thinking there’s an expiration date for our love. We don’t say, “I do,” while planning to end our marriages in six years, three days, and 12 hours. But building a healthy marriage and keeping it together is not easy. At some point, you may have to know when your relationship is over so you can move on. In this article, we will explore several ways of knowing that it’s time to file the divorce petition.
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