Aggressive and Astute Representation

Ms. Burger brings a knowledgeable and smart approach to litigating your case BUT smart and astute consideration given to the settling of your case.

Outstanding Presence in Court

Ms. Burger has an ability to bring a “presence” to court that commands respect from those involved in the court proceeding. She comes prepared to court knowing the facts of the case and insists on having the proper evidence to support her client’s position. Judicial Officers rely on her office for her precise, correct and timely pleadings, filings, and evidence.

Smart and Efficient Case Strategies

Ms. Burger believes there is more to practicing law than following the standard “step by step” procedure.  She brings an outlook that is fresh, and has been successful in bringing a different approach to Family Law cases.

Personal Attention to Client’s Needs

The Burger Firm carries a smaller case load so we can be responsive to our client’s needs and give them the personal attention they deserve.  Each client gets the same excellent service, regardless of the size of the case, whether it involves a celebrity, public figure or your average citizen. We treat each client as a celebrity.

Rapid Resolution to Case Crisis

Family Law is full of crisis.  Our staff is prepared to jump on the crisis and see it through to its’ resolution.