Considering Divorce Ask a California Divorce Attorney Where to Start

Considering Divorce? Ask a California Divorce Lawyer Where to Start

Amelia had been considering leaving her husband for some time. But when it came to actually filing for divorce, she had no idea where to start. Deciding to divorce your spouse is usually a difficult decision. You have to consider a number of different factors – from where to live to how you can go about the business of legally terminating your marriage. Her friends told her one thing; her family told her something totally different. Finally, Amelia decided to ask a California divorce lawyer for guidance based on California family law. Continue reading

In the Best Interests of the Python Pet Custody in a California Divorce

In the Best Interests of the Python: Pet Custody in a California Divorce

As a married couple, Noah and April shared everything – their finances, homes, and friends. They also shared their pet. Desi was a ball python they had raised for more than seven years. Although snakes are not generally considered cuddly pets, both Noah and April loved hanging out with him. But pet custody never entered their minds until they decided to end their marriage. Since they both wanted to keep Desi, deciding what was in the best interests of their python became a major obstacle. Continue reading

Tips for Telling the Kids About Your Divorce

Tips for Telling the Kids About Your Divorce

It’s no secret that divorce can be very hard for children. That’s one reason that the California Family Code and California courts try so hard to ensure every ruling is done “in the best interests of the children.” But even though lawyers and judges are concerned about the effect divorce has on children, telling the kids about your divorce is ultimately up to you. To make things a little easier for you, we’re offering some tips. Continue reading

Gray Divorce U.S. Divorce Rates Are Lower, But Not in This Age Group

Gray Divorce: U.S. Divorce Rates Are Lower, But Not in This Age Group

In 2020, both marriage and divorce rates dropped. Some experts had predicted that divorce would skyrocket because COVID-19 lockdowns put a strain on married couples. Also, some people may have decided to wait until after the public health emergency before ending their marriage. However, rates have been rising since 1990 for one group. That’s because gray divorce is on the rise. Continue reading

Can You Have a Birth Certificate with Two Moms

Can You Have a Birth Certificate with Two Moms?

The United States Supreme Court upheld California’s decision to allow same-sex marriages in 2013. In another case heard two years later, a Supreme Court decision prevented states from banning same-sex marriage. But even so, these decisions did not iron out all of the legal wrinkles faced by gay couples. For example, spouses sometimes found they were not their child’s legal parent unless they went through a formal adoption. One reason for this is that it was difficult, if not impossible, to have a birth certificate with two moms or two dads. Continue reading