What Happens if My Husband Stops Paying Spousal Suppor

What Happens if My Husband Stops Paying Spousal Support?

Joyce was relieved when her ex-husband, Martin, was ordered to pay spousal support. She had no way of maintaining anything close to the lifestyle she enjoyed during their 22-year marriage. It would take several years for her to train for a career so she could support herself. Then, suddenly, she stopped receiving checks from Martin. When your husband stops paying spousal support, where do you turn?
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Dividing Debts During Divorce Not as Easy as You Might Think

Dividing Debts During Divorce: Not as Easy as You Might Think

It’s easy to say that California is a community property state. However, the actual process of assigning property and debt is complicated, especially since people are more likely to think about dividing assets than dividing debts during a divorce. As an unhappy couple and their divorce lawyers sift through paperwork, they have to get the big picture of what the couple owes and who will pay.
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Can Cooperative Parenting Work for You

Can Cooperative Parenting Work for You?

Parenting issues are paramount when moms and dads divorce. Deciding where Sally and Johnny spend holidays and weekends can quickly become the most hotly contested issue in an already contentious situation. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you are involved in a custody battle, spend some time thinking about whether cooperative parenting can work for you, your ex-spouse and, especially, for your children.
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