how can i terminate a domestic partnership

How Can I Terminate a Domestic Partnership?

Relationships can get messy. Alexis and Callie found this out as soon as Callie started planning their wedding ceremony four years into their registered domestic partnership. The stress triggered negative feelings, and Alexis started reconsidering their relationship. Unfortunately, the situation ended with one partner picking out a wedding cake and the other trying to figure out how to terminate a domestic partnership. Continue reading

I Just Got Married. How Soon Can I File for Divorce

I Just Got Married. How Soon Can I File for Divorce?

Sophie and Liam decided to move to California and get married, in that order. Liam moved to San Jose in January to find them a place to live and get a job, but Sophie had unfinished business in their home state of Kentucky. Sophie planned to follow in May so that she could prepare for their June wedding. Everything seemed to run smoothly until July when Sophie learned that her marriage had been a big mistake. She quickly contacted a California divorce attorney to ask how soon she could file for divorce from Liam, even though she had just gotten married. Her attorney helped her understand California residency requirements as they explored solutions to her problem. Continue reading

what happens to the kids when the custodial parent dies

What Happens to the Kids When the Custodial Parent Dies?

The obituary stated that Carol Smith was survived by her two children, Peter and Cindy. What it didn’t mention was the difficult situation Peter, Cindy, and their loved ones faced. During her divorce from the children’s father, the court granted sole physical custody to Carol. Where the children would live, and with whom, could be uncertain now that Carol is gone. When a custodial parent dies, some hard decisions may lie ahead. Continue reading

homeschooling divorce and the coronavirus shut down

Homeschooling, Divorce, and the Coronavirus Shut Down

Most parents focus on keeping their children safe from harm and preparing them for the future. How you handle this during a divorce becomes complicated even without the extra concerns associated with a public health emergency. For example, education is essential, but so is protecting your kids from COVID-19. How can you educate your children without sending them to school?  We need to find ways for homeschooling, divorce, and the coronavirus shut down to co-exist peacefully for the sake of our children. Continue reading