homeschooling divorce and the coronavirus shut down

Homeschooling, Divorce, and the Coronavirus Shut Down

Most parents focus on keeping their children safe from harm and preparing them for the future. How you handle this during a divorce becomes complicated even without the extra concerns associated with a public health emergency. For example, education is essential, but so is protecting your kids from COVID-19. How can you educate your children without sending them to school?  We need to find ways for homeschooling, divorce, and the coronavirus shut down to co-exist peacefully for the sake of our children.

In this article, we will look at some key factors associated with homeschooling and divorce.

Who’s in Charge?

When divorces involve children, the parents agree on a parenting plan. Alternatively, the judge awards custody if the parents cannot agree. In all things, family court judges focus on doing what is in the children’s best interests.

Custody is awarded in four general ways:

  • Joint Legal Custody.
  • Sole Legal Custody.
  • Joint Physical Custody.
  • Sole Physical Custody.

The type of custody determines who is responsible for making decisions about the kids’ education. For example, a parent with sole legal custody typically makes all decisions about school, childcare, religion, healthcare, travel, and living arrangements.

For instance, divorced couple Jake and Sara have two children. Sara has sole legal custody of both children and decides to homeschool them. Jake disagrees. He and his attorney may ask the court to modify the custody arrangements. In some cases, the court may agree. However, we are living in unprecedented times when it comes to homeschooling and divorce.

The Combination of Homeschooling and Divorce Takes Us into Uncharted Waters

Families have been homeschooling for generations. In fact, it had been the choice of a record number of Americans before the coronavirus pandemic hit. Currently, though, many families find themselves with no choice because schools are closed for in-person learning.

The coronavirus shut down put a spotlight on homeschooling and divorce issues. Parents already recovering from divorce now have to find innovative ways to teach their children. This situation is bound to cause some disagreements as attitudes and activities shift uncomfortably from the old norm to the new.

Both homeschool and divorce have something in common. Neither has a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

One Thing Is Certain About Homeschooling and Divorce

No matter the custody arrangements, parents still must keep their children’s best interests in mind when making decisions about their future.

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