Get the Best Result by Working With Your Divorce Lawyer

Get the Best Result by Working With Your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce proceedings can sometimes take a while to reach a conclusion. This period of time can sometimes feel lonely as your world and relationships are reshaped.  One person with whom you do not have to reshape a relationship is your divorce attorney. Typically, you did not know this person before you needed legal representation. It is important to remember that working with your attorney can be one positive relationship during a difficult time.

The key to a positive relationship with your attorney is communication. Sometimes, clients are reluctant to tell their attorneys the whole story about their marital relationships and what led to the breakup. This is understandable. Many details are intensely private, maybe even embarrassing. Consequently, some may choose to leave out ugly details, and some may trick themselves into thinking some things are not really relevant.

It is important to recognize that a divorce attorney is the best person to determine whether information is relevant. An experienced attorney has “heard it all.” She is not likely to be shocked or surprised by anything you reveal. In this regard, telling the whole story can actually have a therapeutic effect. Knowing that others have had the same or worse issues can help you breathe a sigh of relief and open up about relevant details. And remember, your lawyer is there to help you. When the two of you communicate about your case, those communications are private.

Another aspect of communication is to keep your attorney apprised of any developments while the action is pending. Actions taken by you or your spouse with regard to marital property, harassment, or child issues could have an effect on the proceedings. Even if you have done something you should not have, tell your lawyer. The worst thing you can have happen is for your attorney to be surprised in a hearing before the judge with information about inadvisable conduct on your part. Likewise, if your spouse has acted inappropriately, your attorney will know whether and how to use that information to benefit you and your children.

A third aspect of communication is your documentation of income, expenses, marital assets, and private assets. You can’t rely on memory for this type of information; records are essential. Make sure you provide all necessary records and, again, do not assume something is not relevant or needed on your own. In a court of law, a fact is not true unless backed up by proof. Written documents are often necessary to establish proof.

If you work well with your attorney, you have the best chance of achieving the best possible result in your divorce. What’s more, working well with your attorney provides you with a positive influence and maybe even strength during a trying time.

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