How to Prepare for Your Divorce Deposition

How to Prepare for Your Divorce Deposition

What happens from the filing of the petition to the final order that ends your marriage varies from case to case. Some divorces end quickly, with both parties in agreement and everything perfectly lined up. Others require a little – or a lot – more work. For example, some divorces go through what’s called ‘discovery.’ This is the time when the parties exchange information, ask and answer written questions, and take depositions. During your divorce deposition, you will answer questions posed by your spouse’s attorney. If this sounds a little scary, you have a good handle on the situation. However, with the right preparation, your divorce deposition does not to be a nightmare.

Review Docs

One way to prepare is to look over documents that you and your spouse have filed in your divorce action. The divorce petition is only a start. You may also want to review:

  • all financial disclosures and any exhibits;
  • lists of property, whether community or separate;
  • information related to child support, visitation, and custody;
  • documents related to any requests for spousal support; and
  • any documents your attorney asks you to review.

Ask Questions

Your lawyer is a great source of information about what will happen at the deposition. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Being well-prepared by your attorney before the deposition will help you during the deposition.

Listen to Your Attorney

We can’t stress this enough.

Your California divorce lawyer knows how to prepare you for your divorce deposition. So, listen carefully to instructions. For example, your attorney may tell you to answer briefly and to only answer the question you are being asked. This may be one of those times that ‘less is more.’ Take advantage of your attorney’s knowledge and experience.

It’s true that your spouse’s attorney may ask you some uncomfortable questions during the deposition. However, your lawyer is there to represent you and can object to inappropriate questions.

Take Care of Yourself

Here are some simple tips for reducing stress on the day of the deposition:

  • Try to get a good night’s sleep the night before your deposition.
  • Stay hydrated and eat a simple meal.
  • Plan out the route to your deposition.
  • Give yourself enough time to get to the deposition, park, and walk in.

Arriving a little early may give you some much-needed time to breathe deeply a few times before the questions begin.

We Can Help You Prepare for Your Divorce Deposition

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