Modification of Child Support in California

Modification of Child Support in California

Many parents are disheartened by the final child support order entered in their divorce, legal separation, or parentage case. Payers often feel that they have been ordered to pay too much, beyond their means; payees, on the other hand, frequently believe they have been shortchanged.

Most of the time, it is difficult to change the amount of support, either upward or downward. In fact, the simplest circumstance is the rare occasion on which a judge ordered less than the amount found by the guideline. In such a case, the amount can be changed without any legal showing at all.

The second simplest way to change the support amount is when the parents agree to change the amount and a judge is willing to sign an order approving the requested change. Of course, the parties rarely agree on an appropriate amount of support.

Aside from these two methods, it can be difficult to change the amount of child support. However, three methods are available: reconsideration, appeal, and modification.

Both a motion for reconsideration and an appeal have strict legal time frames within which they may be requested. Experienced California family lawyers are very familiar with the applicable time frames and mandatory procedures; if your final order is brand new or relatively so, hiring an experienced family lawyer is your best bet for changing the amount through reconsideration or appeal.

The third way the child support amount may be changed is through a motion for modification. For a modification to be granted, it must be based on a significant change in circumstances since the time the final order was entered. Again, a skilled family lawyer understands the legal standard that applies to modification requests and the type of evidence that may be used to support such a request.

Here are some examples of circumstances that may warrant a modification of a California final child support order:

  • Significant promotions or demotions;
  • Changes in jobs or loss of a job;
  • Lengthy prison or jail time;
  • Major changes in the parents’ time-share arrangement;
  • Major illness or disease of a parent or a child; and
  • Military activation or deployment.

The most important thing to remember is that unless and until a new support order is entered, the amount stays the same. In addition, it’s important that you ask for a modification right away. Most of the time, the amount will not be changed retroactively to a date before the modification request was filed.

If circumstances have changed since your child support order was entered and you want to pursue a change, consult a qualified family lawyer to discuss your best options. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Judy L. Burger are experienced in difficult divorce proceedings, including disagreements about child support. Call today to see how we can help you: (415) 293-8314.