I am now a “believer”. You are certainly among maybe just a few that really understands the needs of the young children that are truly captives of a court system that has not represented their best interest, and can actually do something about it. Do not underestimate the impact you have had, and will have in the future with other children and families who have been thwarted from responsible legal process. RC


In 1994 I found out that my ex had molested young girls and then fled to another state. I immediately went to the courts in my area and got a restraining order keeping him away from our son and the rest of my family. Unfortunately restraining orders must be renewed every three years, and after I served him the papers to him a third time, he responded and filed papers requesting unsupervised visits and partial custody of my son, Kevin. I was very fearful for my son’s wellbeing and knew I needed a lawyer. I grabbed the phonebook, prayed and asked God to help me find a lawyer that would aggressively fight and defend myself and my son against my-ex. After I opened the phone book I saw Judy Burger’s name. I called her and set up a consultation meeting. After meeting her I was very impressed and had confidence that Judy Burger was the one God sent to protect my son. After representing us at several hearings and mediation, Judy Burger was able to make the conditions so extreme for my ex to prove himself suitable to the court, that his attempts were thwarted. At that time after litigation was over I was overjoyed with gratitude. In 2009 my ex reoffended and molested his own grandsons and he is now in prison for life. I believe Judy Burger efforts were instrumental in preventing my son from being molested. I would HIGHLY recommend Judy Burger should you need legal help in her area of expertise. PH


“Judy Burger is one of the finest Family Law Attorneys in the Sacramento area.  I used several other Law Firms, Ms. Burger is by far the best, second to none. I recommend her to all my personal friends.”- J.M.


“I am extremely grateful that I found Judy Burger as my family law attorney to represent me in my divorce and custody case. Judy and her team are highly professional, direct and thorough. Their efforts gave me trust and put me at ease while going through this very difficult chapter in my life. Many kudos.” – M.E.


“I have had the privilege of working with Ms Burger in several capacities and there is no question that I would never want to be her opposition under any circumstance.  She is simply the best.”-M.B.


“You want Judy Burger by your side. As a seasoned professional, Judy’s temerity to fight for what you deserve along with a deep knowledge of the law guides you through the process. She tells it to you straight and employs a talented team to get the job done.”-M.M.


“I’ve had the pleasure of having Judy as my family law attorney for the last three years and was referred to her by one of her former employees. My case was beyond complicated with many issues to address, but Judy stepped right in and took charge. She knew how to handle each situation given and fought for the best interest of my children. Judy is very knowledgeable, organized, strategic, and energetic both inside and outside of court. Her staff is equally committed to their work and greatly assisted in easing my fears during our numerous court appearances. I was told by several people that Judy is one of the best family law attorneys, and she truly is.” -M.S.


“If you are looking for an attorney that is willing to go to bat for you and fight to get what you deserve, Judy is who you are looking for. I have used Judy for a number of years and have had exceptional results!! She is fast moving and stays on top of things. When you have children at stake, Judy is the one that will help!” – A.P.