My Spouse and I Can’t Agree on Anything How to Negotiate Divorce Issues

My Spouse and I Can’t Agree on Anything: How to Negotiate Divorce Issues

Constant bickering and disagreements can lead a couple to turn to divorce. However, after filing the petition, the unhappy couple now have to resolve a lot of serious issues they couldn’t settle while they were married! If you and your spouse can’t agree on anything, be prepared. You still have to negotiate  divorce issues to reach a settlement. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Recognize Divorce Is an Emotional Process

Even a couple that is clearly ready to move on may face some lingering emotional issues. A divorce petition seems to be a dry, legal document. However, it signifies the end of a relationship that may have started with the highest of hopes.

Understanding your emotions may get you one step closer to finalizing your divorce.

Agree That You Disagree on Divorce Issues

Maybe the first movement toward your marital settlement agreement begins with the acknowledgment that you don’t agree on everything.

Some of the most serious issues in a divorce involve property division, spousal support, child support, and child custody. It’s to your benefit – and your children – to resolve these issues amicably and quickly.

Realize that Ego Does Matter as Much as You Think It Does

It’s not easy but try to avoid an “I win” mentality. The judge who will sign your final divorce order does not care about your ego. If children are involved, the court always decides what is in their best interests. If no children are involved, the court will be using California divorce laws to settle any issues you and your spouse can’t resolve. Leaving such important decisions up to an impartial system may not give the best result.

Now, Negotiate!

Some couples can work out their differences through simple discussions between their attorneys. Other couples need the assistance of a mediator. No matter how you get there, you need a marital settlement agreement to end your divorce. A judge may decide any issues you fail to settle.

We Can Help You Negotiate Divorce Issues

Before you enter into any negotiations, talk to an experienced California divorce attorney. For one thing, we can help you enter negotiations with the information you need to get the best result possible.

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