8 Professionals Who Might Help with Your Divorce

8 Professionals Who Might Help with Your Divorce

Gabrielle fully expected her attorney to square off with her husband Jack’s attorney. She assumed that divorce would be contentious. She knew that there were many important issues to decide. However, as her husband hired more and more people to work on his side of the divorce, she learned that other professionals might help with your divorce.

Addressing the Emotional Toll

It’s no secret that divorce is stressful for all parties. Sometimes crying on a friend’s shoulder or stepping up your partying is not helpful. Children and adults both may find themselves unable to cope with sudden changes and tension.

Families in the middle of a divorce proceeding may seek the help of therapists or counselors. Talking to a professional may be a good idea, especially for children or if domestic violence has occurred.

Analyzing Assets

A couple’s finances play a big part as their divorce proceeds. Each party must prepare financial disclosures for the other. Property division may hinge on the honest and complete assessment of separate and community property, which is sometimes not an easy thing to do. Even tax preparation becomes more difficult.

Parties to a divorce may find themselves hiring:

  • business analysts,
  • CPAs, and
  • appraisers.

These financial experts may assist with the valuation of assets during property division discussions.

Taking Care of Legal Matters

The most important member of your team is your divorce attorney. You need someone who knows the law, who understands the system, and who will fight for you every step of the way.

However, people often overlook another legal expert: their estate planning attorney. Everyone should have an estate plan that reflects their current life circumstances. Wills and powers of attorney typically need to be changed after a divorce. Consulting with an estate planning attorney during a divorce can prevent future problems and protect heirs and children.

Family law mediation often helps families tackle difficult issues while attempting to reach a peaceful resolution. The mediator serves as a facilitator between the parties, listening to both parties and suggesting compromises.

Moving On

As a divorce is finalized, one or both parties may find themselves facing a far different financial environment than they previously enjoyed. Here, again, some professionals might help with a divorce as the parties move on.

Financial advisers can help with difficult financial transitions. Planning for the future may become a little easier with a clear picture of your finances – or you may see areas that should be addressed.

Finally, some couples find themselves literally moving on. Houses may need to be sold, and, for that, you need an experienced real estate agent.

Help with Your Divorce Is Available

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