Why Is a Divorce with Children Usually More Expensive

Why Is a Divorce with Children Usually More Expensive?

Divorce can be an expensive but necessary process. But the average divorce with children invariably costs more than the average divorce of a childless couple. In this article, we will take a closer look at why the costs increase when kids are involved.

Some Issues in a Divorce with Children Can Be Challenging to Resolve

Decisions surrounding child custody and child support are often hotly contested. Demands might be made based on emotions and not reality, as parents use children as pawns against each other. Unfortunately, fighting over children is not likely to end well for anyone.

Divorce typically involves negotiation. A divorce with children usually requires more negotiation than one without. Compromising might be necessary, as long as the compromise is safe for the kids. Refusing to yield even a little prevents the parties from finalizing their divorce. It also usually increases legal fees.

In some cases, the parties will use a family law mediator to help negotiate resolutions. This step also increases the cost of a divorce with children but could remove roadblocks that prevent the parents from moving on.

When Couples Can’t Agree, Trials Often Follow

And trials are expensive. Both parties will incur additional legal fees because their case now could include additional discovery, hearings, and depositions. They might need to hire expert witnesses to provide testimony at trials. Inevitably, legal fees generally increase as attorneys spend days and weeks preparing for trial.

To avoid trial, couples can work closely with their attorneys to prepare a parenting plan. In fact, family court judges will not finalize a divorce with children without one. The parenting plan is also called a custody and visitation agreement or “time-share plan.” In a divorce with children, it’s critical for parents to work out this agreement as amicably as possible to avoid collateral damage to themselves and their children.

You Need Good Legal Representation

As mentioned above, a contested divorce with children requires a great deal more work from your attorney. This is especially true if your case proceeds to trial. Adding an experienced California divorce attorney to your team might be expensive. However, it’s crucial to work with an attorney who can protect your rights and your children’s.

Trust Us to Handle Your Divorce with Children

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