Common Defenses Against Collection of Family Law Judgments

BrokeIf you are the debtor in a family law judgment case who needs to defend against a collection action, your attorney may choose from a variety of options in your defense. One of the tools used to defend collection by way of garnishment is a Claim of Exemption. Your attorney will prepare a document explaining why your wages should be excluded. Certain types of income and property are exempted from garnishment by law. After your attorney files your claim of exemption, the other party has ten days to oppose your claim. Similarly, you can claim an exemption on certain types of property if a judgment creditor is seeking to impose a levy on your real or personal property. The claim of exemption should be prepared by your attorney, who knows which types of income and property are excluded from being subject to a levy. If the other party submits a timely response to your claim of exemption, then the court will schedule a hearing and a judge will make the final decision regarding the exemptions. If you are facing garnishment or levy, or if you are seeking to collect money from a family law judgment, call our office today. Judy L. Burger is known for her aggressive representation of clients in and around the San Francisco Bay and Sacramento areas.  If you are dealing with either side of a family law judgment, call us today to learn more about how we can help.  Call (415)293-8314 in the San Francisco Bay area or (916)631-1935 in the Sacramento area, or contact us online via our confidential inquiry form.