You Might Need an Emergency Child Custody Order

You Might Need an Emergency Child Custody Order

Ava loved the fact that her husband, Henri, was from France. She felt their son could benefit from being involved in more than one culture. However, her enthusiasm faded when Henri filed for divorce. She feared he would take their son to France where he might live beyond the control of California courts. Liam faced a problem a little closer to home. He learned that his wife was partying in clubs all night while their two-year-old daughter slept in the car. Liam has also noticed unexplained bruises on his little girl. Fearing for his daughter’s safety, he looked to the court system. Both Ava and Liam may need the same protection: an emergency child custody order.

Child Custody and the Divorce Process

Who gets the children is often a hot topic during a divorce. The hope is that parents will do what is best for their children, but this is not always the case.

During a divorce, parents work out a parenting plan, and custody is decided. If parents can’t agree, a judge will assign custody. Of course, negotiating a plan takes times. Sometimes one parent may have to move quickly to protect his or her children.

Grounds for Requesting an Emergency Child Custody Order

It can be difficult to get this kind of order. While California judges always focus on the best interests of the child, they also cannot hand out emergency orders for no reason.

The primary reason for requesting an emergency child custody order is:

“A situation has occurred, or may occur, where it is in the best interest of the child that the court make immediate orders.”

In Ava’s case, she needs to stop her husband from spiriting their son out of the country. Liam needs to stop his wife from neglecting or abusing their child. Neither situation can wait, so they ask for emergency child custody orders. The court may grant each a temporary order that takes effect immediately. However, the court will schedule a hearing before granting a more permanent order.

Call Immediately if You Need an Emergency Child Custody Order

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