What Should I Ask During My California Divorce Consultation?

What Should I Ask During My California Divorce Consultation?

Getting to the point when you are ready to end your marriage can be a long and difficult road. You may have been contemplating divorce for months or even years. It may also be that your spouse has taken steps to initiate the process. Whatever the case, this can be a confusing time, and it’s important to have accurate guidance and information. The first step will be for you to schedule an appointment with an experienced California divorce lawyer. Before your meeting, it’s important to know: What should I ask during my California divorce consultation?

Preparing for your Divorce Consultation

Before meeting with your California divorce attorney, you will want to prepare by gathering potentially relevant documents. These may include items such as printed screenshots of texts, emails, financial data, bank statements, and real estate deeds. You will want to bring these materials to reference during your consultation.

Question and Topics to Cover

You may also want to prepare notes with questions regarding the following topics:

Your Home

You may be concerned about your residential options during and after divorce. Your divorce attorney can help you review your circumstances and resources and determine what works best for you.

Child Custody

If you and your ex have children, you will want to know how child custody works. In California, legal custody refers to a parent’s right to make decisions regarding their child. Physical custody refers to where kids will live and spend time with each parent. When both parents are safe and appropriate, the law generally favors parents sharing joint legal and physical custody. You and your lawyer can discuss how these two forms of custody will work.

Spousal and Child Support

If you or your ex earn significantly more than the other, alimony or spousal maintenance may be an issue in your case. There are also other factors that can impact spousal support, such as one partner remaining home to raise children during the marriage. If you have minor children, child support will also be an issue in your case. You will want to be sure to ask your divorce attorney about spousal and child during your consultation.

Dividing Assets

One of the most important issues in your case will concern how you and your ex will divide your shared assets and property. Some of your property may be considered separate, meaning you or your ex are the sole owners. However, California is a community property state meaning that the assets and income you and your ex acquired during your marriage belong to you equally. You and your divorce lawyer can examine your marital property and discuss how it may be awarded during your case.

The Divorce Timeline

Many people want to know how long their divorce will take. California has a six-month waiting period for divorce. The waiting period begins after the first party files for divorce, and the other party is served or responds. Divorce timelines are dependent on parties and their circumstances. While it’s possible to finish your divorce in six months, the process may take longer. You and your attorney can review the specific details of your case and discuss how long it may take to complete.

Your Divorce Options

When people think of divorce, they may picture two spouses having a dramatic trial. The truth is that most cases will never see the courtroom. In reality, many divorcing parties often choose to negotiate a settlement. You may end up using a process like mediation to resolve your disputed issues. It may also be in your best interests to use a private judge for your case. There are also parties who use Collaborative Divorce to resolve their differences. Your California divorce attorney can explain more about your divorce options during your consultation.

Contact an Experienced California Divorce Attorney

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