Tips for Meeting with Your California Divorce Attorney for the First Time

Tips for Meeting with Your California Divorce Attorney for the First Time

Many people have never met with a lawyer before, for any reason. So, meeting with your California divorce attorney for the first time can be a nerve-wracking experience. But there are ways to make things a little less stressful. That’s what we will look at in this article.

Do a little preparation before meeting with your first meeting.

If you can, take a few minutes to consider your goals. Are you definitely seeking a divorce, or are you open to other options? Do you have children to consider? Will you need support while the divorce is pending?

Then, start writing or typing. Make a list of the questions you might have for your California divorce attorney. It’s very easy to forget details – even important ones – during your consultation.

Finally, gather as much financial information as you can. Your attorney will have to file financial disclosures with your petition. If your spouse is filing the divorce, you need to provide full and complete financial disclosures when responding to the divorce petition.

Try not to be nervous about meeting with your California divorce lawyer.

Make sure you know how to get to the attorney’s office. Check routes, traffic, and parking before you leave the house. This simple advice might just help lower your stress level on the day you consult with your lawyer for the first time.

Be completely honest and upfront with your California divorce attorney

Come prepared to talk.

Divorce and marriage involve highly personal issues. You might be embarrassed or uncomfortable sharing some details with your attorney. But remember two things:

  • Your lawyer cannot give you the right advice if they don’t have all the facts, and
  • Your attorney probably has seen people in similar situations and won’t be surprised or judgmental.

The important thing is that you have taken a big step towards a new future. Your divorce lawyer can help you achieve your goals.

Understand what you need to do after you leave the meeting.

You and your lawyer will discuss many things during your first consultation. There’s a good possibility you will leave the meeting with some ‘homework’ assignments.

For example, your California divorce attorney will explain what information you need to file your divorce petition or respond to your spouse’s petition. You might need to gather more information for your attorney.

Also, you might leave the meeting with additional paperwork to fill out.

Finally, your lawyer might give you instructions on things to do or not do while your divorce is pending.

Always listen carefully and help your attorney help you.

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