How Can Facebook Affect Your Divorce Case?

Facebook is used by billions of people worldwide, with over 1.94 billion active monthly Facebook users. Its use is ubiquitous. People enjoy Facebook with their morning coffee, to get past the mid-week hump, and to pass the time and share the fun on their Friday nights. And many people using Facebook forget that they are not always aware of who their audience might be.

Facebook can be a great source of information regarding a lawyer’s own client, as well as his or her opposing client. Many people post activities on Facebook that they want to show as fun—but that can be a serious pitfall in a divorce proceeding.

In addition, by checking a person’s Facebook page, a lawyer is sometimes able to determine the user’s location, which can be helpful if the person has been evading service of process.

Other potential uses include important information about a person’s leisure activities. If child custody or visitation is an issue—since the standard a court uses to make decisions about children is what is in the “best interest” of the child—pictures and posts that demonstrate a propensity for drugs, alcohol, or promiscuity can paint a picture that allows the court to protect the child, despite contradictory testimony. Likewise, if a person is claiming financial hardship, pictures showing a lavish vacation or shopping activity could be presented to contravene that person’s in-court statements.

Divorce cases can be challenging for everyone involved. This is especially true when one party (or the other) forgets about the often public nature of Facebook and other social media posts. Remember that Facebook absolutely can affect your divorce case, allowing a judge potential insight into issues you may wish to avoid in court.

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