3 Tips for Handling a Child Custody Dispute

3 Tips for Handling a Child Custody Dispute

Divorce can be very upsetting, even if your marriage was a disaster. When children are involved, stress and emotions amp up even more. You may want to focus on helping your children cope with the changes in their lives, but you also have to meet with your ex-spouse to negotiate a parenting plan. After all, the court expects it – and will not finalize your divorcee without that plan. However, you can survive handling a child custody dispute. The following three tips may help.

Negotiate Calmly

Custody discussions tend to be highly emotional. But emotions can get in the way of negotiating a fair deal, and hysteria really isn’t going to get the job done.

Try to stay calm and focus on the important details. Your demeanor and silent strength hopefully will influence your child’s other parent to remain calm and focused also.

Ask for Help

You really don’t have to do this alone. Hiring an experienced California divorce lawyer should be your first step. Other professionals who may help with a child custody dispute include:

  • mediators,
  • licensed mental health counselors, and
  • child custody evaluators.

Call on family and friends for support outside of the actual negotiating sessions.

Consider Your Child’s Best Interests

This final tip is the most important. When you and your child’s other parent openly cooperate to give the kids the best life possible, you send them a clear message that you love them.

Also, remember that the courts will step in if you are your ex-spouse are unable to settle your child custody dispute on your own. California family court judges will put your child’s best interests first even if you and your ex-spouse can’t. However, the judge’s order may not sync well with anyone’s schedule. You may be left wishing you both had been able to put together your own parenting plan.

Yes, You and Your Children Can Survive a Child Custody Dispute

It’s not always easy to divide up your children’s time. Having to coordinate decision-making with your ex-spouse may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but it doesn’t have to be.

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