10 Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced

10 Common Reasons Why People Get Divorced

People usually get married because they love each other. But there are many reasons why people get divorced, including the ones listed below.

#1.  They can’t communicate.

Some studies show that good communication is one of the most important reasons couples stay together. But sometimes, spouses can no longer talk to each other, at least about the essential things in life.  When communication is lacking, divorce is often close at hand.

#2.  Couples can’t work together.

Sometimes marriage counselors tell couples to work on their marriage. And, let’s face it, the day-to-day of being married can take a lot of effort. Constant fighting is hard on everyone and can lead people to get divorced.

#3.  Spouses no longer love each other.

People fall into love. But sometimes they fall out of love after the wedding. If the love is gone, it may be time to get divorced.

#4.  They stop spending time with each other.

Sometimes it’s gradual. Sometimes it happens suddenly, but married couples headed for divorce may notice they spend less and less time with each other.

#5.  They realize the marriage was a mistake.

After the honeymoon is over, some couples find that their marriage was not such a good idea after all. And it doesn’t matter whether you got married in a Vegas wedding chapel or after a year of intense planning. It just happens that people find they are just not a good fit.

#6.  There’s an addiction.

Being hooked on drugs or alcohol is difficult, but not just on the person with the addiction. Families also suffer, especially in a close relationship like a marriage. At some point, a husband or wife may find they can no longer handle the challenges of living with an addict.

#7.  Infidelity is involved.

It’s hard to think of anything that could hurt a marriage more than infidelity. Trust is a big part of having a successful marriage. Breaking that trust by cheating is a common reason people get divorced.

#8.  Domestic violence is occurring.

Screaming, punching, and pulling hair are only three signs of domestic violence. An abuser might also demean his or her spouse or withhold money and support. Someone faced with physical, mental, or emotional abuse can find help through a local shelter or domestic violence hotline. For some, divorce is an option.

#9.  They’re having financial problems.

Handling money can stress a couple out more than almost anything. Individuals come into a marriage with different ideas about spending and saving. Couples hit with financial problems like unemployment or unexpected expenses may find their relationship becomes as empty as their bank accounts.

#10.  They are fighting over the kids.

It’s not uncommon for parents to have differing viewpoints on childrearing. Unfortunately, parents may be unable to negotiate and compromise. They may also refuse to participate in family or marriage counseling that has the potential to forge them into a stronger team instead of getting divorced.

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