What are the Basics of an Annulment in California?

OopsWe recently discussed the ongoing saga of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Our readers may recall that the couple split up after being married for a very short time. Kardashian wants a divorce while Humphries wants an annulment. Most people are familiar with divorce, but what exactly is an annulment and how do you go about getting one? An annulment is declared when a court determines that your marriage or legal partnership was invalid from the start.  The ten-dollar Latin legal phrase is “void ab initio,” when means void from the beginning. An annulment basically unwinds a marriage as though it never existed.  Some of the reasons a marriage can be declared void in California include bigamy and incest.  Other grounds for an annulment include:
  1. When one party was of unsound mind.
  2. When one party was induced to enter into the marriage by fraud.
  3. When one of the parties was forced into the marriage.
  4. When one of the parties was physically incapacitated at the time of the marriage and the incapacitation appears to be incurable.
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