Judy L. Burger is Certified by the California State Bar, Board of Legal Specialization as a Certified Family Law Specialist.*

What this means to Ms. Burger’s clients is that she has demonstrated an expertise in Family Law by passing an arduous test, being favorably evaluated by Judges she appears before and by attorneys familiar with her work. Additionally, Ms. Burger has demonstrated a high level of expertise in Family Law by the large number of court hearings she has participated in, trial experience, her work as a Judge Pro Temp, and the large number of hours of continuing education she has taken. *The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization

Aggressive Astute and Smart Representation.

Judy L. Burger provides aggressive and astute representation in highly conflicted Family Law cases. She brings knowledgeable and practical experience to litigating and settling of Family Law cases.  She is known for her representation in High Conflict Custody Cases, Large Estate Property Division and Business Valuations. She also has a long history of representing Railroad employees, Police, Fire and Corrections personnel.  

Serving All Northern and Central California Counties:

Offices in San Francisco, Marin County, Oakland, Santa Barbara, Ventura/Oxnard, San Jose, Gold River (Sacramento) and Roseville offering representation for all Family Law matters including: custody, visitation, domestic violence, restraining orders, property division, business valuations, child and spousal support and more.  

Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach Coming Soon

Opening offices in Monterey County soon.

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